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Are your salespeople leaving too much money on the table?


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Here’s a sampling for you to try for yourself:

The best way to communicate with prospects is:
A. Their Email.
B. Their cell phone.
C. To ask them their preference.
D. Their telephone.

“I want to think about it” is:
A. Rejection of your offer.
B. A stall.
C. A sign of interest.
D. An objection.

Pre-call planning for a meeting with a non-referral prospect will allow you to:
A. Develop an in-depth understanding of the prospect.
B. Give you instilled confidence.
C. Know exactly what their budget is.
D. Know how quickly they’ll make a buying decision.

The most valuable role of any digital Customer or Prospect Relationship Management System is to:
A. Make sales for you.
B. Keep track of the sales process.
C. Provide data for other departments.
D. Be better organized.

When making a phone contact with a prospect, the very first thing you should do is to:
A. Explain why you’re making the call.
B. Ask if they are free to talk at that time.
C. Tell them how great your product is.
D. Present price.

The easiest way for you to be seen as a consultative expert is to:
A. Ask strategic questions relative to prospect’s problems.
B. Have a memorized sales presentation.
C. Tell prospect how good you are.
D. Stay abreast of industry trends.

E-mail for the answers.

Perhaps they simply do not have the know-how to effectively deal with many common selling situations.

The Sales Skills Index or SSI is a fast and cost effective means to find out exactly what your people know – and DON’T know – about selling.

The SSI presents sixty-seven common sales, marketing and customer contact scenarios and concepts and asks evaluees to rank four possible responses as the most, second most, third most, and least effective response. Then with validated and amazing accuracy the SSI compares the responses to those of proven top performers in a variety of businesses and industries selling both tangible and intangible products and services.