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The Profile puzzle piece

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste”; and
a terrible thing to ignore when making critical people decisions. The Profile provides the piece of the puzzle almost always over-looked by personality-only assessments and evaluations.

In trying times, you need to be certain that your sales and sales management candidates can find success in your marketplace. The OMG Express Screens recommend Hirable or Not Hirable based on validated research and your own specific criteria.

Success or Failure?
Keep smiling

Gaining advantage in a tough selling environment means having precise metrics on your sales team, your sales pipeline, your systems and processes. The OMG Sales Impact Analysis provides a crystal clear view of what is and what could be.
From prospecting through closing, the Sales Skills Index is the fast and effective way to discvover what your sales people know - and don't know - about selling. The SSI will help put a stop to leaving too much money on the table.

Cash on the table