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Who are the Associates in
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I’ve often asked the same question when seeing a business name which includes “Associates” or “Group” or other seemingly collective organizational designation suggesting – “There’s a lot of us working here!”

You certainly deserve to know just who my Associates are since, as such, I frequently refer my clients to them, most often as the result of what was learned from my assessments and evaluations. Please allow me to introduce you to three of them here:

• Burrall Associates, LLC - Mark Burrall brings to your business over thirty years of sales, distribution and general management experience in a variety of industries, including material handling, transportation and contract manufacturing. Burrall Associates provides sales and management coaching and organizational alignment, all designed to help you specifically and personally.

Sparque, Inc - If your sales meetings were optional would your salespeople attend? Sparque provides "Fuel" in the form of world-class content and discussion questions that create dynamic sales meetings. Sparque also provides time-starved, information-overloaded salespeople and their managers with actionable ideas in minutes instead of days.
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• Williams-Leslie Group - Providing face-to-face or voice-to-voice skills tailored to the sales objectives of the client. The Leslie Group is a consulting and training firm that works with salespeople and their management to help them to over-achieve in new or competitive markets where there is great similarity in products and services being sold.

Should you wish to contact any or all of my Associates, please be sure to mention that you discovered them upon visiting this website. Thanks!