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Targeted Hiring

Hiring doesn’t have to be a crap shoot with the dice loaded against you, but with the law on the side of applicants and the costs increasingly high, you can no longer afford to make any mistakes.

Have you ever hired someone who performed better on the interview than they did on the job? Why do you think that happened? Here are some possible answers:

• 50% of candidates will tell half truths or outright lies during interviews (U-Conn 2003)
• 80% of resumes contain false or misleading information (HireRight 2002)
• Of course, a resume is a balance sheet without liabilities.
• A bad reference is as hard to find as a good employee. (Robert Half)

All of our products can be legally applied in pre-employment assessment. Your candidates can be compared to ours as well as your own custom normative patterns and performance standards. A combined 75 years of research has resulted in assessment instruments that will define or predict the performance you can expect from your new hires.