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Have you ever hired someone who performed better on the interview than they did on the job?

How often have you invested in people who still didn't perform up to your reasonable expectations?

Do the dollars you spend training your people address surface issues but miss the underlying causes of poor or under performance?

Does YOUR management style and that of others in your organization consider the unique needs of individual employees?

These issues are far too common in business.

Mark S. Peterson has spent over 20 years investigating why these problems too frequently occur, costing businesses countless dollars - plus unnecessary hassles and headaches!

Through their vast array of experiences, Mark and his associates have developed ways to effectively avoid these obstacles to your company's continued success.

Mark Peterson and Associates, LLC offers a wide range of expertise in psychometric evaluation, sales and sales management consulting and training, human resource consulting, organizational development, strategic planning, and other practical business experiences.

Mark S. Peterson

Mark S. Peterson
President & Founder

Mark Peterson & Associates, LLC / P.O. Box 930434 / Verona, WI 53593-0434 / Ph: 608-575-2470 / Fax: 608-845-6245
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